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Hi! I'm 


I specialize in helping Moms who want to make money from home without being "that girl."

I joined my MLM in 2016, and what I found out was my upline had no marketing plan other than bringing my friends to the meetings.

Well, I'm living in Portland, OR and upline is in Osaka, Japan.

I got stuck right at the gate as a network marketer.

Since my upline didn't have any digital resources, I felt like I had to know everything about the company, the comp plan, the products, and so on even before started talking to my friends, and I dug a rabbit hole too deep too long, for more than three years. I was stuck in the learning loop investing way too much $$$.

Now, I am using the power of the internet, social media, and digital marketing to generate my perfect leads every day in automation.

If you want to find leads without chasing them, hosting parties, have sales without feeling slimy and pushy, and have people come asking you how they can do what you do, then I can definitely help you! (And the best part is you don't have to spend years and $$$ as I did!)

I am taking MLM online in automation and enjoying my free time doing what I love.

I have everything you need to help you have a real online business finding leads without bugging friends, sending messages and friend requests, and being away from your family, so that you can keep your friends as friends and find your Ikigai.

Grow Your Business

without bugging your friends

Discover the easy and simple way to build your team that you can do with your fingertips from the comfort of your home without chasing uninterested people.

Not only you stop getting rejected, you will start getting endless high-quality leads you dream of spending time with on incentive trips with you!

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